Tips on Choosing the Right Uniform for Your Company, By Forest Uniforms Staff Writer

If you are responsible for choosing your company’s uniform, a number of factors play a role in determining the final decision.

For example, make sure to choose uniforms that can withstand the conditions of the workplace. Do the uniforms need to repel spills? Who will be washing the uniforms? If left to the employees, you probably want fabrics that feature wrinkle-resistant properties. If the company washes the uniforms, then the fabric must be able to last through repeated industrial launderings.

How often will the uniform be worn? Alternatively, how many different people will be wearing the same uniform? Uniforms used for the short term may not need to be made of higher quality fabric. On the other hand, if the uniform will be worn repeatedly, or is expected to last through a number of employees, then durability will be an important factor. Make sure your investment in this category matches your long-term needs.

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