About Forest Uniform

Forest Uniforms provides high-quality, luxury uniforms to businesses in New York at affordable prices. The company possesses a fully vertical operation and oversees all aspects of the uniform manufacturing process, ranging from processing orders to sourcing the material. The garments manufactured by Forest Uniforms are built in the same way that a tailor manufactures a high-quality suit. Each uniform is produced one at a time using 100% cotton woven and felt canvas fronts.

Forest Uniforms can also incorporate stretch fabrics to provide a more forgiving and durable fit. At Forest Uniforms, all uniforms are stitched together to meet the exact dimensions of the customer. The company can even stitch together customized and individual patterns for individuals with distinct body shapes and sizes. Additionally, Forest Uniforms performs basic repair and alteration services for its clients.

Based in the Flat Iron District in New York City, Forest Uniforms possesses a diverse clientele that includes hotels, sports arenas, luxury real estate companies, hospitals, and more. Forest Uniforms has served as a leader in the manufacturing industry for more than two decades. In order to learn more about Forest Uniforms and its services, call (212) 777-1900.


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