Amidst a Progressive Decline in America’s Textile Industry, Forest Uniforms Holds Steady

Once the cornerstone of the industrial revolution, the United States’ textile industry began its steady decline in the 1990s, due in part to trade policies such as NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), which resulted in much of the clothing manufacturing being sent offshore to Mexico, and later China. Today, what is left in America is a high-end niche market dominated by successful companies such as Forest Uniforms, which manufactures its custom-made products in the Flat Iron district of New York City. Forest Uniforms’ ability to successfully maintain its hold in the marketplace can be attributed in part to its qualities as a fully vertical and highly specialized company. Serving department stores, hospitals, security firms, military schools, and other organizations in the New York City area and beyond, Forest Uniforms provides consistently high-quality products marked by enhanced customization to suit the needs of each client. Oftentimes, Forest Uniforms’ patterns are marked, cut, and embroidered one at a time, an unusual practice in these overly mechanized times.


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